Readdle Introduces PDF Expert 7 — the Ultimate PDF App for iPhone and iPad

Today we are incredibly excited to launch PDF Expert 7 — our vision of what the ultimate PDF experience for every iPhone and iPad should be.

For over a decade, Readdle has offered an impeccable suite of productivity apps for iOS and Mac. Our apps were downloaded by 110 million people worldwide, won numerous Apple awards, such as App of the Year, Editor’s Choice and Top 1 Paid App at the App Store, and are loved by the world press. PDF Expert, our powerful PDF app, has been at the forefront of our productivity suite by helping millions of people around the globe work more efficiently with PDFs. 

Today, Readdle is proud to release PDF Expert 7 — a substantial update that redefines the PDF experience on your iPhone or iPad devices. The app has been completely rebuilt from scratch to offer the ultimate experience of working with PDFs on your iOS device.

PDF Expert 7 comes as a FREE app, available for download from the App Store.

All our existing users who have purchased PDF Expert 6 will be able to continue using all the features they already have by updating to PDF Expert 7 for free. With today’s release, we are also introducing a new PRO pack with some fantastic new features that are available for $50 per year. 

As we set out to build the Ultimate PDF App for iPhone and iPad, we focused on three underlying principles for PDF Expert 7:

Speed → The app has to be slick and responsive. It has to be lightning-fast, and any actions you take shouldn’t feel sluggish.

Power → The app has to offer an extensive suite of features to work with PDF documents. The tools available in the app should cover even the most extreme use cases.

Design → The app has to feel modern, fresh, and at the same time, should be customizable to everyone’s needs. Features available in the app should not be hard to locate, but the app also should not be overwhelming to new users.

Armed with these principles and powered by 11 years of experience building apps for iOS and Mac platforms, our team of 150 set out to create what we believe is the ultimate PDF app for iPhone and iPad. PDF Expert 7 is one of the biggest releases we’ve shipped in the app’s history, and we invite you to try it.

Get PDF Expert 7 for iOS for Free from the App Store.

The All-new PDF Expert 7

PDF Expert is Readdle’s fast, robust, and feature-rich PDF editor for iOS and Mac. Over the years, PDF Expert for iOS had been the goto PDF Editor app for hundreds of thousands of our users. The app currently has a 4.7-star rating on the iOS App Store from nearly 20K users and has won critical acclaim, including “App of the Year Runner-Up” by Apple. Today, we are launching PDF Expert 7 — the evolution of the best PDF editor app for iPhone and iPad.

PDF Expert 7 comes packed with a wide range of features, so you’ll never need to look for another PDF app. With PDF Expert 7, you can:

PDF Expert 7 is the ultimate PDF app for iPhone and iPad, and here’s why it is one of our biggest releases.

A Lightning-Fast PDF Editor

From the get-go, our team wanted to build PDF Expert 7 as the fastest PDF experience in the market. Now running on Metal, PDF Expert 7 provides you with an incredible amount of performance when you need it the most. Working with a 3000-page PDF no longer feels a tedious and frustrating, as PDF Expert 7 seamlessly handles large PDF documents with ease. 

Any actions you take in the app happen a lot quicker, so working with PDFs feels like a breeze now. So go ahead, edit a multi-page PDF in PDF Expert 7. Annotate your comments on assignments. Sign an important contract using the Apple Pencil. Create a beautiful Resumé for your next gig. Or do all of these things at a time. PDF Expert 7 is all set to redefine your PDF experience on your iPhone or iPad.

A Powerful Set of Tools

Everything you’ve wanted to work with PDFs is right here in PDF Expert 7. We packed the app up to the brim with all your favorite tools, and even the ones you never thought you’d need. 

PDF Expert offers several different ways to work with PDFs. You can fix typos, add your own text, images or shapes, change or reorder pages, fill out PDF forms and sign documents, redact sensitive information, and a lot more. PDF Expert offers remarkable PDF annotation capabilities. There are 10 different tools to cover all of your annotation requirements. You can highlight, underline, or strikeout text in any color of your choice, add notes or comments, add colorful text markup, add any shapes or even add stickers from our cool stickers catalogue. With the Apple Pencil, you can get precise annotations on your PDF documents. And when you want to make edits to the original PDF file, PDF Expert has you covered too. You can modify any text, images or links in any PDF. PDF Expert instantly recognizes the content when you switch to these edit tools, so even your complex edits are done in seconds.

With PDF Expert 7, we’ve gone several steps further and introduced some nifty new features that make working with PDF documents an absolute joy.

Reduce PDF File Size

PDF Expert 7 introduces a new feature that lets you compress PDFs on your iPhone or iPad in seconds. Although working with PDFs is usually a great experience due to their many advantages, you do sometimes have to deal with file size limitations when emailing PDF files to someone or uploading them to some websites. Now you can just run the PDF document through PDF Expert 7 and send it off.

The app lets you be in full control of the compression by allowing you to pick the quality of the PDF file that you want to create. There are four different compression qualities to choose from, and you can instantly see what the resulting file size will be. In a few simple taps, PDF Expert 7 compresses the same PDF with its file size reduced, which you can then upload and share with anyone.

Convert Your Files to PDFs

PDF Expert 7 also introduces the ability to convert your images, Word, or Excel documents to PDFs within the app. Now you can turn any document or image in a high-quality and professional PDF document, so you can share it with anyone without having to worry about compatibility or formatting issues.

Access Your PDF Files from the Files App

PDF Expert 7 makes your files accessible directly in the iOS Files app, giving you handy access to your PDFs from any app. Instead of having to manually share your PDFs by launching the app, we’ve now made it easy to access or modify the files saved in the app from within the Files app.

A Redesigned Search Experience

You’ve been asking for a better search experience, and we’re delivering exactly that in PDF Expert 7. Now you get more context whenever you search for something. We’ve redesigned the appearance of the search results to offer more context and clarity, telling you whether the word(s) you searched for were part of a headline, annotation, etc. In case of multiple instances of a word, you can jump through each instance using the little arrows at the bottom. The app also displays a thumbnail of the page where the searched words are found, making it easier to skim through multiple pages.

At the same time, we have made several improvements to the core experience of reading PDFs. The whole PDF experience has taken a giant leap forward in PDF Expert 7, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

A Delightful New Experience

PDF Expert 7 introduces a ground-up rework of the user interface that boasts of a minimal & elegant design and lets you focus on your work without any distractions. We have overhauled everything in the app to be more spiffy and streamlined. The new PDF Expert 7 UI is:

  • Simple
  • Beautiful
  • Modern

Our team has conducted hundreds of interviews and studied thousands of feedbacks to find out how people work with PDFs. This research helped us rebuild PDF Expert 7 to significantly improve the user experience. We’ve made it super easy to find the exact tool you need so you can spend less time on exploring the app and complete any PDF task faster.

PDF Expert 7 also brings along a new app icon that not only looks modern & refreshing, but also shares the same elegance and polish as the others in Readdle’s suite of apps.

Redesigning the way PDF Expert 7 looks and feels was just part of the overhaul. The app is now extensively customizable, so you can make it your own and adapt the toolbar according to your workflow. 

Customize PDF Expert in Your Own Way

Across the globe, different kinds of users such as students & teachers, lawyers, doctors, pilots, etc. work with PDF Expert in their own unique way. With PDF Expert 7, you can customize your toolbars and arrange tools the way you want them, so you can match your unique workflow and adapt the app to your liking.

The grouping of the tools has been reworked such that you have handy access to the tools you use the most in your workflow. Just pick the task you want to do, and the app will present the right set of tools for you. If you use PDF Expert to annotate PDFs every day, a single tap makes all your tools readily available at your disposal. Want to fill out & sign a PDF form instead? Just select the relevant toolbar from the top, and you’ve got a different set of tools at your disposal.

If you’re a PDF editing wizard and find yourself using many different tools from each of the groups, then we’ve got something special for you too. With PDF Expert 7, you can now pick your own custom toolbar with your favorite tools all grouped together.

When you’re editing PDF documents through the limited screen estate of an iPhone or iPad, having ready access to your favorite tools goes a long way in getting more work done in a faster way.

New Pricing

PDF Expert 7 is a major change in how we price our apps. Starting today, anyone can download PDF Expert completely for free and use it to read and annotate PDF documents, fill out PDF forms, and make notes. With an optional PRO subscription, it’s possible to do even more: Edit text and images in PDF files; add signatures and stamps; add, delete and reorder pages as well as merge and split documents; and much more. This optional subscription costs you $50 per year which is less than $4.2 per month.

Switching to a subscription pricing for PDF Expert 7 allows us to ship the app for free, with features that cover a majority of the use-cases and people can take advantage of them right away. This model also helps us to focus on creating unique experiences & tools that are tailored for professional segments such as lawyers, pilots, doctors, musicians, students, teachers, etc.

Pricing for existing PDF Expert 6 customers is very simple and transparent. The app is free for majority of premium functions like signatures, page management, and stamps. For people who bought the in-app purchase in PDF Expert 6 that unlocked text editing and redaction, these features are free as well. Forever. Also, anyone who wants the ultimate PDF Expert 7 experience, can upgrade to PRO at the same low price of $50 per year.

To make it even easier to understand, we summarized what is available to every category of PDF Expert 7 users in the table below:

With PDF Expert, our mission is to create the best PDF experience for everyone. We are dedicated to investing heavily in user research, engineering, development and marketing to compete with the world's biggest companies. Our team stays motivated to ship remarkable features that make PDF Expert the best PDF app for iOS and Mac, and your subscriptions and support allow us to deliver more value to you on an ongoing basis. As a PRO subscriber of PDF Expert 7, you can rest assured that we’re always working hard to make improvements to the app.

Download PDF Expert 7 for free from the App Store and upgrade to the best PDF editor available for iPhone and iPad today.

If you have any comments or feedback that we should know about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us @Readdle on Twitter.

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