PDF Expert 7 Receives Powerful New Features for iOS 13 and iPadOS

After the public release of PDF Expert 7 back in August, our team has been busy working on readying the next set of major features to be shipped in the app. PDF Expert 7 is the biggest release of PDF Expert to date, bringing in a ton of features and improvements to your PDF experience on your iPhone and iPad. Today, we're delighted to introduce the new PDF Expert with some exciting new features and powerful experiences made possible by iOS 13 and iPadOS for iPhones and iPads. Let's dive into the details of today's release.

To enjoy all these features, please make sure you have iOS 13 or iPadOS and update PDF Expert to version 7.2.0 on the App Store.

Embrace the Dark err... Mode

iOS 13 brings the much-requested Dark Mode to millions of iOS devices around the world, and we are delighted to introduce a new, elegantly crafted dark mode in PDF Expert 7. When you toggle the system-wide Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad, PDF Expert 7 feels right at home and looks stunning. It's great for working with PDFs at night, and with the OLED displays on modern iPhones, you're also saving a lot of battery. To enable the Dark Mode in PDF Expert 7, simply turn on the system-wide Dark Mode in iOS settings and PDF Expert will follow.

Multiple Windows on iPad for Better Multitasking

With iOS 13 on your iPad, you can now open multiple windows of PDF Expert 7 and work on two or more PDF documents simultaneously. This remarkable feature of iPadOS empowers third-party developers to enable support for multiple windows in their apps, and PDF Expert is one of the few apps to implement this early on. With multi-window support on iOS 13, your PDF experience is improved exponentially as you can now view and edit two PDF documents side-by-side on the same screen, without the need of any workarounds. Compare two PDF documents, refer one document while you edit the other, or jump between multiple PDF documents all at the same time — the possibilities are endless. Creating a new instance of PDF Expert 7 is easy with a simple drag and drop gesture. Now you can hold down on any PDF file and drag it out of PDF Expert 7 to create a new PDF Expert 7 window with the same set of tools and features that you know and love. Opened too many windows? Don't worry, simply tap and hold on the PDF Expert 7 icon on your home screen and tap on the 'Show all Windows' option to see an Exposé of all the open windows. Alternatively, you can also bring up the Dock and tap on the app icon once.

Handy Gestures to Make You More Productive

PDF Expert 7 features all the new gestures Apple has included in iPadOS. Be it the one-finger tap and drag gesture to select text, the three-finger pinch out to copy or cut text, three-finger swipe left/right to Undo or Redo, or the three-finger tap to bring up the contextual menu — it's all here on your iPad with PDF Expert.

The new gestures in PDF Expert 7 are designed to help you do your work faster and in a more natural way, so that you're more productive and working with PDFs doesn't feel like a burden anymore.

Annotating Images As You Please

When working with images in PDF Expert 7 on your iPad, you now have the power to annotate on the images freely using the Apple Pencil or your fingers. PDF Expert 7 integrates PencilKit on iPadOS, enabling you to draw on the images that you add in PDF Expert. Go ahead, draw, sketch, color or drag a line on the images, or erase them just as easily. PDF Expert 7 brings you the tools you need to get your work done in a better way.

A Compact Floating Keyboard to Take Notes

PDF Expert has always made it super easy to take notes on your PDF documents. Unfortunately, the big size of the iOS keyboard on iPads took up almost half of the screen, leaving you with very little areas to jot your notes down. With iPadOS on iPad, you now have the option of enabling a compact little floating keyboard in PDF Expert. To do this, pinch with two fingers on the on-screen keyboard and it'll quickly resize into a small floating keyboard that you can move around freely anywhere on the screen. With the floating keyboard, PDF Expert 7 enables you to quickly take down notes on the go, even with one hand.

iOS 13 delivers some incredible new features to Apple's iPhone and iPad devices, and PDF Expert 7 leverages all these features to deliver an incredible PDF experience to our users. Working with PDFs on your iOS devices has never been better.

Download PDF Expert 7 for Free and get started.

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