Caio Duarte: how PDF Expert’s OCR has made studying faster

Caio has been studying medicine for 6 years, intending to become a doctor and focus on studying public health. His usual day is packed full of lectures in medical school, reading books, and writing assignments. On a typical studying day, Caio will need to open multiple PDFs and research topics like “Lacto bacteria”. He opens a scanned book he got from his microbiology teacher through email. He uses Scan and OCR feature in PDF Expert to recognize the text, and searches for today’s topic. He finds it fast and reads the chapter to study for upcoming exams.

Using PDF Expert he's taken this study routine to the next level, as he can now breeze through the course material, and quickly find the information he needs while all the time enjoying a best-in-class PDF reader. Caio mostly uses these PDF Expert features:

  • Read (he loves Sepia mode!);
  • Scan and OCR (to recognize text in scanned books);
  • Search (both in the document and through all open PDFs).

OCR: turning challenges into opportunities


The biggest challenge according to Caio was dealing with old scanned books. Most of the lecturers in his medical school use old books, with compromised quality that were written a long time ago. They make poor-quality photos or copies of them, save them in PDF format, and send these out to students via email. 

Not only are these books not searchable, they are also hard to navigate and read. So you can imagine the time it takes when open a 1000-page book on microbiology, scroll through it, and try to find a specific piece of information.

So, the Scan and OCR function in PDF Expert has brought a significant change for Caio. With it, he makes all his study materials text searchable and can quickly find the chapter, paragraph, or topic he needs.

“The OCR function was life-changing for me. When I receive scanned books with lots of text in them, I just use OCR and can search for specific information in the book. The biggest challenge I had in studying is gone!” - says Caio. 

OCR in PDF Expert recognizes text with high precision in scanned files, so you can search it, highlight it, or edit it. PDF Expert’s OCR supports English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and other languages.

Sepia mode: better than a book and kind to your eyes 


Caio uses PDF Expert on both iPhone and Mac for reading, researching, and annotating. However, for editing tasks, he prefers to use PDF Expert on his iPhone. He enjoys having all of his study materials as PDFs in PDF Expert, so he can easily search through all of them and access them across multiple devices. 

He usually reads up to 10 PDFs daily, as he needs to find additional information for the topics he is researching. Being a health-conscious medical student the combination of sepia mode and the flexible brightness settings helps him to read all of these books without hurting his eyes. 

Search: instantly finding today’s topic reading


Caio said that it was a bit of a surprise for him when his friend shared about the ability to search through all open PDFs in PDF Expert with him. He was using Search in one PDF for a long time before this. 

“It was a great discovery, - says Caio, - as it speeded up my studying even more”. Now he can search for a subject he is studying in all scanned books on the topic, and quickly gather all needed information to prepare for exams. 

Caio's pro tips for productive studying

We asked Caio to share his number one productive studying tip with our users, and being an experienced student, he shared two:

  • Tip #1: Create handwritten notes to remember lecture information better. 
  • Tip #2: Study the topic on the same day when you had this class. Don't leave it for later, as some information will just disappear from your head. Plus, this way you will avoid piling up homework in the future. 

Thanks to PDF Expert, Caio's study routine has become simpler, faster, and more focused. But don't just take his word for it. Join Caio and millions of other students who take advantage of the go-to PDF editor - with a 50% educational discount!

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