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Latest posts

Issue with PDF Expert for Mac 2.2.9: Reinstallation Required

Over the last 48 hours, we have received dozens of reports on PDF Expert crashes. It happened as a result of an expired developer certificate. This means that customers who downloaded PDF Expert for Mac directly from our site will need to reinstall the app. Those using it from the Mac App Store are not affected.

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Introducing the new PDF Expert 6

Meet the all-new PDF Expert for iPhone and iPad providing the best PDF experience for mobile.

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Acrobat vs PDF Expert: Which is better to work with PDFs?

All of us use PDF documents these days. There are plenty of tools out there, and most of them cost quite a lot. You have to be really careful choosing one — it will be your best friend at work.

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Meet the new PDF Expert for Mac (Giveaway Inside)

We're happy to announce a major new version of PDF Expert for your Mac. It has become an even more powerful tool that helps you edit PDFs more smoothly, search faster, and navigate your documents in a most effective way.

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Save $3000 and 30 Trees a Year Using PDFs

There's no planet 'B'

We live in a modern world where nature falls victim to technology. With global warming and excessive CO2 pollution, it cannot last forever.

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PDF Expert Brings Touch Bar Support and File Size Reduction

A couple of months ago our team launched PDF Expert 2, a fast, robust and beautiful PDF editor for Mac. It brought a load of powerful editing features, and the reception was really inspirational to us.

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PDF Expert for Mac: One year journey (+ Giveaway Inside)

Exactly a year ago we launched our first Mac app  —  PDF Expert. It quickly became #1 app on the App Store and won App of the Year Runner-App later on. For those who don’t know, PDF Expert is a fast, robust and beautiful PDF editor.

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How to Edit PDFs?

Ever got a PDF file that you desperately wanted to edit, but couldn’t?

PDF Expert is designed to be an easy-to-use, yet powerful PDF editor for your Mac. The interface is super clean and intuitive. PDFs are opened without delay, no matter if they are small email attachments or 2000-page image-rich reports.

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Website or AppStore: Where To Buy PDF Expert?

You have decided to buy PDF Expert for your Mac. If you follow our newsletters and social media activity, you probably have noticed that you’re able to get PDF Expert from two different sources: Mac AppStore and our website.

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Why you should ditch Preview as your default PDF app on Mac

Do you work with PDFs?

For many of us, PDFs are a way of life. In real estate, education or the legal professions, you can immerse yourself in PDFs all day long.

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