Updating to PDF Expert 7: Everything you Need to Know

Our team has released the all-new PDF Expert 7 which gives you PDF superpowers on iPhone and iPad. Let’s answer some popular questions about updating to PDF Expert 7.

First things first, all current PDF Expert 6 users can still use all the features they had before, without a subscription

Read on to learn more about updating to PDF Expert 7.

How is PDF Expert 7 different from PDF Expert 6? 

The new minimalist design is the first thing you’ll notice while launching PDF Expert 7. We’ve studied vast amounts of feedback and polished every detail to help you be even more brilliant at work and school. PDF Expert 7 lets you focus on your work without distractions and is so intuitive that you’ll figure it out at a glance. 

Now, running on Metal, PDF Expert 7 performs faster than ever. You’ll open a 1000-page scanned book in a snap!

You can also customize PDF Expert 7 the way you wish. The app lets you create your own set of tools depending on your workflow so you can get your job done in the most productive way. Now, that 1.5 pt red pen and a green highlighter are always at your fingertips.

PDF Expert 7 also offers some new features like an option to compress PDFs, convert Word and images into PDF, create your own toolset, and more. Feel free to explore!

Learn more about the differences between the two versions of PDF Expert. 

How can I upgrade from PDF Expert 6 to PDF Expert 7?

PDF Expert 7 comes as a free update for PDF Expert 6. To get the new version, open the App Store > Updates. Find PDF Expert 6 on the list of apps and tap Update

All your files and folders from PDF Expert 6 automatically transfer to PDF Expert 7 so you can continue your work exactly where you left it.

Is PDF Expert 7 free?

Yes, PDF Expert 7 is a free download on the App Store. The free version lets you read and annotate PDFs, create notes and comments, draw with your finger or the Apple Pencil, fill out forms, add cool stickers to PDFs, and work from the cloud. You can use it as long as you wish.

For professional users who need extra capabilities, PDF Expert 7 offers an additional PRO pack with advanced features like text editing, converting files to PDF, customizable toolbar, and more. The PRO version is available at $49.99 per year. Once you upgrade PDF Expert 7 to PRO, you get a free 7-day trial to decide if the paid features fit your needs. 

Recently I’ve bought PDF Expert 6 with the in-app purchase. Will it transfer over to PDF Expert 7?

Yes, you can use all the features you had before, without a subscription. For example, if you’ve bought the in-app purchase to edit PDF text and images as well as redact documents, you can also enjoy these features in PDF Expert 7 as long as you wish. After updating to PDF Expert 7 for free, you’ll also get access to the brand-new design, reorganized tools, and a powerful PDF engine running on Metal. 

If you'd like to use the new professional features like PDF compression and customizable toolbar, you can subscribe to PDF Expert 7 PRO. All the future updates and new advanced features are included in your subscription plan. No extra payments or upgrades.

Below, we've summarized what's available in PDF Expert 7 for different users:

I’ve bought the in-app purchase to edit PDFs in PDF Expert 6, but I can’t use this feature after updating to PDF Expert 7. What should I do?

First, we want to assure you that you can still use all the features you had in PDF Expert 6. 

If you’ve bought the in-app purchase shortly before updating to PDF Expert 7, there is a chance Apple servers weren’t able to process the purchase. As a result, we couldn’t access that information from our side and unlock your upgrade within PDF Expert 7.

To make sure the PDF editing functionality is available for you, please open PDF Expert 7 > Settings and tap Restore purchases.

If this didn’t help, please contact our support team so we can investigate the issue. In PDF Expert 7, open Settings > Support > Send Feedback. Please describe the issue in your email, and we’ll get in touch to help you.

How do I upgrade PDF Expert 7 to PRO?

Just launch PDF Expert 7, go to Settings > Upgrade to PRO and tap Start free trial. Check this article for more details.

Do I have to subscribe to PDF Expert 7 separately on my iPhone and iPad?

No, by purchasing PDF Expert 7 PRO, you can use it on multiple iOS devices. Just make sure you’re signed into the same Apple ID on both your iPhone and iPad. 

How can I cancel my subscription if I no longer need the PRO features?

You can cancel your subscription or a free trial anytime you wish in the Settings of your device. 

In the Settings app, go to iTunes & App Store and tap your Apple ID at the top. Select View Apple ID > Subscriptions. Find PDF Expert 7 on the list and tap Cancel Subscription.

After canceling your annual subscription, you can still use the PRO features for the rest of the year until your subscription expires. 

If I upgrade to PRO now but cancel the subscription next year, will I still be able to use the features I’ve purchased with PDF Expert 6?

Yes, you’ll still be able to use all the functionality you had in PDF Expert 6. After canceling your subscription, you won’t have access only to the new PRO features like customizable toolbar, PDF conversion, etc.

What new features are you planning to add in upcoming updates?

The new pricing model allows us to ship big updates more frequently and deliver more value to you on a regular basis. 

Very soon PDF Expert 7 will get the new professional features including OCR, handwriting recognition, and scanning functionality. You’ll get them as a part of your subscription plan, without extra payments or upgrades. 

I used to convert PDFs in PDF Expert 6 with PDF Converter. What happened to this feature?

In PDF Expert 7, we’ve added a powerful built-in converter which is available as a part of the PRO subscription. It allows you to convert images, Word, Excel, and Pages files right in PDF Expert 7, without switching apps.

If you’ve previously bought our PDF Converter, you can still use this app to convert files within PDF Expert 7. Just tap … More on the file, select Share > Convert to PDF

What about the integration with Printer Pro? It seems missing.

In PDF Expert 7, we’ve removed the direct integration with Printer Pro. But if you have Printer Pro on your device, you can still use it to print files from PDF Expert 7. Just tap … More on the file and select Share > Print with Printer Pro.

PDF Expert 6 allowed me to scan files using Scanner Pro. Why can’t I do it now?

We’re working on the scanning functionality for PDF Expert 7 so you can scan documents directly within the app, without jumping to Scanner Pro. We hope this update will improve your workflow and help you get your work done faster.

However, if you’ve purchased our Scanner Pro app and you have PDF Expert 7 version 7.1.7 or newer, you can still use the integration with Scanner Pro. Just tap the blue plus button and select Scan Document.

Is PDF Expert 7 available for Mac?

PDF Expert 7 works on iPhones and iPads. If you need a robust desktop PDF editor, download our PDF Expert for Mac. PDF Expert for Mac is a separate product available as a one-time purchase, without a subscription.

I have some feedback about the app. How can I share it with you?

We’d love to know what you think about PDF Expert 7! If you have any suggestions about the app, drop us a line at

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