How PDF Expert 7 is Different from PDF Expert 6

We’ve introduced the all-new PDF Expert 7, which makes work with PDFs even more productive. Our team has talked to thousands of people to define what you want and what you love. And we’ve just shipped it!

Let’s see how PDF Expert 7 is different from the previous version and what makes it the best PDF editor for iPhone and iPad.

Fully redesigned and easier to use

At Readdle, we constantly learn from our users to make great software even better. We’ve studied thousands of your feedbacks, worked out every minor detail and polished the interface to near perfection so you can create, learn and get things done easier than ever before. 

With its new minimal design, PDF Expert 7 lets you focus on your work without distractions. At the same time, all the powerful PDF tools are available at your fingertips.

PDF Expert 7 does what a desktop PDF editor does but in a much more intuitive way. We’ve made it super easy for you to find the exact feature you need right now. You’ll figure it out at a glance!

Create your own toolset 

All our users work with PDFs differently. Students read lots of books and articles and annotate them to prepare for classes. Teachers grade PDF assignments and provide feedback for students. Lawyers frequently sign documents, manage pages, and merge files. And architects use PDF Expert to review and mark up drawings. 

That’s why in PDF Expert 7, we’ve grouped all the tools based on your workflows: Annotating, drawing, editing PDFs, filling out & signing documents, etc. Just select your task, and the app offers everything you need!

You can customize PDF Expert to make your job done in the most productive way. Create your own set of frequently used tools to work even faster. Do you often use a green highlighter, a red arrow, and the APPROVED stamp? Add these tools to Favorites to keep them at hand!

Compress PDFs on the fly

Have you ever tried to email a lengthy PDF report from your iPhone only to find out this file is too heavy? PDF Expert 7 is here to save you at the last moment. Our users have been asking for the size reduction feature, and it’s finally here!

PDF Expert 7 lets you compress PDFs right on your iPhone or iPad, just as you do it on your Mac. You can select the desired quality and even see the size of the future file. 

Convert images, Word and Excel files into PDF

Viewing Word files on a mobile device can be a painful experience. And there’s no guarantee your file will look just as you’ve intended when you send it to someone. Missing fonts and corrupted formatting are common problems when it comes to sharing Word files with other people. To prevent this, save your documents as a PDF to make sure it looks the same everywhere.

If you used the previous version of PDF Expert, you could convert files into PDF only if you purchased our PDF Converter app. But now, there’s no need to install extra software. PDF Expert 7 comes with a powerful built-in converter that lets you quickly turn images, Word, Pages and Excel files into PDF. 

Add more fun to your PDFs

Many students use PDF Expert to annotate textbooks and prepare for classes. Why not make your notes more colorful and fun? We’ve created eight packs of unique stickers you can add to a PDF file. With our cat stickers, revising even the toughest subject hurts less 🙂

Excellent PDF experience for everyone

At Readdle, our goal is to make productivity affordable for everyone. That’s why PDF Expert 7 is a free download on the App Store. The free version has a lot of features to help you be the best at work or school. You can read and annotate PDFs, create notes and comments, draw with your finger or the Apple Pencil, fill out forms, and work from the cloud. Download PDF Expert right now to enjoy the premium PDF experience millions of users love!

Once you require professional tools like text editing and redaction, PDF Expert 7 offers a PRO subscription for $49.99 per year. There’s a free 7-day trial to help you decide if the PRO features fit all your needs. 

If you’ve previously purchased PDF Expert 6, you can still use all the features you had before, without a subscription. Learn more about updating your PDF Expert.

Let’s compare PDF Expert 6 and PDF Expert 7 to see what features are available at each version of the app.

We hope PDF Expert will become your daily companion and help you achieve the best results at work and studying. Our team has been working hard on this update, and we’ll be happy to hear your feedback about the app. Download PDF Expert 7 for free and share what you think!

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