5 Things People Hate about Working with PDFs

In spite of being one of the most popular formats today, the PDF file format continues to annoy some users with its traditional shortcomings. We built PDF Expert to be the best way to work with PDFs and here’s how our app overcomes these traditional shortcomings of PDF files.

We use PDF files for a variety of purposes today. Some of the most common uses of the PDF file format include payment receipts, invoices, tax forms, scientific journals and research papers, legal documents and attachments, student assignments, textbooks, and other educational purposes, etc. PDFs have become one of the most popular file formats in use today.

Unfortunately, working with PDFs isn’t always well and good. In spite of its popularity, there are still a few things that people find annoying about working with PDFs. One of our major motivations behind developing PDF Expert was to overcome these challenges and annoyances faced by people when using PDF files. PDF Expert is the best PDF Editor for Mac and iOS and comes with a host of features that help you maintain your sanity when working with PDFs.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that people hate about working with PDFs.

1. Creating a PDF is not Easy

One of the biggest challenges of working with PDF documents is the creation of PDFs itself. Have you ever tried creating a new PDF file from scratch? Many apps today support exporting content as a PDF file — you can export a Word document to PDF, you can save a webpage as a PDF, you can even export an image as a PDF file? But what about making a PDF file from scratch? Don’t you wish this was a straightforward process?

Guess what! It is. PDF Expert allows you to create a new PDF file just like you would in Microsoft Word or any other document app. PDF Expert can create a blank document for you that you can fill with your own content, or it can create a PDF file from images or other compatible file types. The process is super quick and easy.

Let’s say you have scanned digital copies of your Passport, stored as two separate PNG files that you need to send to someone as a single PDF. Typically, you would use MS Word first to create a document and then use that to create a PDF. Instead of going through this hassle, you can simply drag and drop the two PNG files into PDF Expert, and the app will automatically create a new PDF file for you. PDF Expert isn’t just the best PDF Editor for Mac; it also helps you create new PDFs in just a few clicks.

2. PDF File Sizes are Too Large

Another complaint that is most commonly heard about PDF files is that the file size of PDFs is far too large compared to other formats. Although most modern PDF files are usually a few kilobytes in size, you may occasionally come across a PDF that is just too large to work with. This is especially true when you have to upload a PDF to a website that has a file-size limitation. So what do you do? 

Fret not, for PDF Expert is here to help you. Did you know what you can compress and optimize a PDF file in PDF Expert? Simply open your file in PDF Expert and click on the File > Reduce File Size… option in the menu. The app lets you choose what level of image quality you want, and what the resultant (reduced) file size will be. Next, you can click on ‘Save As’ to save the optimized version of the file and upload it to the website.

3. Signing PDF Documents is Cumbersome

Have you ever received a PDF document that you have to sign and send back? Thanks to its growing popularity, PDFs are fast becoming the de-facto standard for digital documents with signatures. But signing PDF documents has always been cumbersome. For starters, you needed to have your signature in a digital form, and also an app that could add your signature to the PDF document. Every time you received an email with the PDF file, you had to manually save the PDF, open it in the default PDF reader app, then edit the PDF and add your signature to it.

With PDF Expert, this process is seamless and quick. As long as you have PDF Expert installed, you can open PDF files directly from your Mail app and add your signature to PDFs in a few simple clicks on a Mac. Moreover, if you have an iPad, you can even add your signature to PDF Expert for iOS using the Apple Pencil or any other stylus. Your signatures are automatically synced between all your devices over iCloud, so you can use that signature to sign all PDFs on your Mac.

4. Merging or Extracting Pages in PDFs is Hard

Let’s face it — we’ve all been in situations where we’ve had to either extract a page from a PDF file or merge two or more PDFs together to create a single PDF file. This extraction of PDFs or the ability to combine multiple PDF files has never been a straightforward process. Typically, it takes far too many clicks or is simply too much of a hassle to undertake. Well… if you aren’t using PDF Expert, that is.

PDF Expert makes it incredibly easy to extract one or more individual pages from a multi-page PDF with just a few simple clicks. Whether you’re reading a book and want to save a few pages or going through an extensive research paper and want to save a few pages, PDF Expert makes it easy. Similarly, if you have to combine two or more PDF files or want to selectively merge a few pages from one file into another, PDF Expert has got your back too.

5. PDF Editors are Clunky and Ugly

While many of the popular PDF editors for Mac prioritize functional aspects over design and aesthetics, we at Readdle pride ourselves in delivering apps that have the right balance of form & function. Although some developers may be comfortable with releasing apps with pixelated icons and PDF Expert is an excellent example of how an app can be beautifully designed and at the same be feature-rich. We put user feedback front and center when designing the user interface and user experience of PDF Expert.

Our design team puts a lot of effort into crafting the beautiful set of icons and UI elements used in PDF Expert. All the features in the app are designed to be easily found and easy-to-use. You’ll be left amazed at how productive you become when working with PDFs in PDF Expert.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch your old and unintuitive PDF app and move to PDF Expert — the best PDF Editor for Mac. With a beautiful UI and a fantastic set of features, you’ll never need another PDF app again. 

Download PDF Expert and get started for Free.

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